A 3 day long weekend in Perth

As temperatures begin to cool off in Australia, it’s an opportune time to visit some of the continents otherwise warmer cities. Many travellers make Uluru an option this time of the year, but another city to consider is Australia’s farthest metropolitan, Perth. As the capital of the state of Western Australia, Perth is notoriously known as the most isolated major city in the world. A title locals have embraced delightfully by creating a culture unlike that found anywhere else on the continent.

Got a 3 day long weekend? Here are 3 things to do in Perth in 3 days.

Sunset at Crawley Edge Boatshed

1. Sunset Walk to Crawley Edge Boatshed

The Crawley Edge Boatshed is iconic to Australia, let alone Perth. You’ve probably come across many artist impressions of the house-like boat shed. Only an hour stroll from the city centre, you’ll pass some of Perth’s most happening places on the way to the local attraction.

Beginning your journey from the always lively Elizabeth Quay, absorb some of the city’s unique sights and sounds from waterside eateries to exciting indigenous shows, highlighting themes specific to Western Australia.
Continuing your walk south west, you’ll find Kings Park to your right and the famous, Swan River to your left. I’ve been fortunate enough to sight a Black Swan with its cygnets cruising along the side of the river, next to the bicycle path. Black Swans are native to Australia and are found in abundance in the south-west and east of the nation. They are held in high-esteem in aboriginal folklore and therefore hold immense cultural significance to the people of Australia, in particular Western Australians, where a picture of the elegant bird is etched on the state flag.

A little further down, you will arrive at the Crawley Edge Boatshed. The Aussie icon is thought to have been built in the early parts of the 20th century, with many face-lifts since. Here you can relax and watch the boats pass by underneath a gorgeous sunset.

2. Bicycle from Perth to Fremantle

If you like exploring the outdoors, Perth (and surrounding suburbs) is littered with friendly bicycle paths. A simple Google search will give you access to numerous bicycle shops located in the city, where you can rent a bike for an all-day fee. The course is relatively easy with a small scattering of steep slopes and narrow roads along the way, making for an enjoyable and healthy day out. Once you reach North Fremantle, it’s an easy ride into the main city with pristine coastline accompanying you on the right. Be sure to stop and absorb the view, go for a walk along the beach or even a swim! There is a whole host of great things to do in Fremantle, I recommend lunching at Little Creatures Brewery for a hearty afternoon meal and don’t forget to try their famous beer paddle for some tasty home brewed beer.

The stunning coast of Western Australia

3. Day trip to Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island is an Island off the coast of Western Australia. The island offers a wide range of attractions for travellers of all varieties, from purpose built cycle paths for the day traveller to resourceful campsites for medium-term occupants. Additionally, you’ll find nature retreats, cafes and restaurants to support all your travelling needs. Catch a ferry from Perth (or Fremantle) to the Island – there are two ferries in the morning that will get you to the island in about 90 minutes. Free shuttle buses are available through selected packages, consult with the official website for prices and times.

Perhaps what really puts this island on the map are its diminutive inhabitants – the Quokka! The small wallaby-like creatures are native to the island and roam it freely. Most famous for their distinct smiles, curious nature and of course, selfies! Quokka’s are surprisingly small and quiet, so prone to being hit by reckless tourists. Be alert on the roads, especially if you are cycling.

One of the many Quokka’s on Rottnest Island

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