Welcome to ahimsaimages.

Across the global spectrum of people and places, I’ve found that we are so colourfully unique and at the same time, undeniably connected. To that end, for me, photography is a means of communication and connection.

ahimsaimages is a photography platform designed to showcase quality minimalist images, predicated on “people” and “places”.

In addition to photography, ahimsaimages delivers a wide variety of written content tailored to a contemporary audience. 

The “Travel Journal” channel hosts informative blog pieces for existing and future expats, as well as experiential recounts of community living from unique locations around the world. The “Photo Essays” page presents vivid storytelling through a series of visually striking images, complimented by emotive text to augment context and mood.

Stay local. Be honest. Smile. Shoot.

Thanks for visiting ahimsaimages.


Camera – Nikon D7200
Lens 1 – Nikkor 10-24 mm, 3.5-4.5
Lens 2-  Tamron 18-270mm, 3.5-6.3
Lens 3 -Sigma 50mm prime, 1.4
1 Lowepro single camera + lens bag
1 Kathmandu Cotinga 26Litre backpack