A series of insightful blogs, thoughts and information pieces documented during my travels around the world as a digital nomad.


Being a Digital Nomad in Bruges

Brugge is certainly no cheap-weekend trip, so prepare to dig a little deeper into those travelling pockets. Having said that, there are always ways you can be smart about your expenditure

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taxi driving through downtown puerto vallarta

The Ultimate Guide to Vegetarian Food in Mexico

Being a member of the life-long vegetarian club, the plight of finding a meat-less meal outside of the First World can have its struggles. Mexico is no exception. So, my fellow eternal herbivores and the newcomers, here is my ultimate guide to vegetarian Mexican food in Mexico.

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snake charmers in morocco

The Anatomy of a Haggle

Travelling with an individual who doesn’t particularly enjoy bargaining has opened up a whole new perspective on why haggling can be an uncomfortable situation for

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