Family, Music and Faith by the Sea

sunset bucerias mexico
Feel the Pacific breeze. See the sunset skies. Listen to the waves crashing into land. Smell the beach tortas. Taste the Mexican life.

Mexico is a kaleidoscope of tradition and culture that gives birth to unforgettable experiences across the nations diverse terrains and climate. This collection of images examines village life along the Western coast of Mexico.

fisherman in san pancho shows off catch
What was that saying? Teach a man to fish and...he’ll get on the news?! Afternoons in the sleepy coastal town of San Pancho are reserved for nanna-naps, a swim in the Pacific or Telenovelas. Unless you’ve got some red-hot news...and this hombre sure did. a proud fisherman walks through the streets of San Pancho recounting his aquatic heroics and posing with his catch.
Bucerias, Mexico

The far reaches of the Mexican coastline delivers a refreshingly traditional flavour of faith, music and family; otherwise, what I like to call the Mexican Trinity. 

Pristine vast oceans, crystal sands and idyllic temperatures augment a way of living that can only be described as ‘inclusive’.


beach in mexico

Whether it is Sunday mass orchestrated by the local Mariachi band or a fisherman parading his prize catch down the street, the authenticity of village life is glorified in the most unique fashion on the Mexican coast.


Maybe there is something in the water.