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Who will survive the Coronavirus (Covid-19)?


Continuing on with the opportunity theme found in some of my other thought diaries, the events engulfing the world today must be the catalyst for positive change. If you’ve ever come home from a long day at work hating your job; if you’ve ever gone to bed worrying about the fate of the world; if you’ve ever wanted to make more money; if you’ve ever thought it was too late…

The Universe has listened.

Change is difficult to create, let alone implement. It’s fuelled by desire but conceived in fear. Before making significant changes to the way I lived my life, I was berated by thoughts of what my friends and family would think of my new choice of career, where and when I would get my next pay-cheque and of course, falling behind the rest of the cohort. These considerations are worthy of attention and in the absence of a well-thought out strategic direction, the change you envisage will remain a dream.

It’s all about adaptation. In my experience, organisations and individuals who successfully adapt to unprecedented circumstances, exhibit three prime characteristics:

1. Flexible

No, not downward facing dog at yoga on a Saturday morning.

Being flexible is being accessible and conversely, having access.

What processes do you have in place when things don’t quite work out?

Highlighting and implementing resolution plans at the micro level i.e. a flat tyre on the way to work, the client forgot about your meeting and is now in hotel room in Mexico, or perhaps just wanting to work from home for a week; will ensure you have the framework to deal with catastrophic macro situations like we are in now.

Flexible organisations are able to seamlessly apply everyday resolution practices to a range of circumstances and therefore ensure business continuity .

2. Resourceful

Contemporary tools are an integral part of operating in a 2020 world.

Does your organisation house resources that enable business critical functions like communication, collaboration and delivery from anywhere in the world?

Can you operate adequately with these tools? The cost of having these resources in place may be high and training may be time consuming, but they come at a fraction of the cost of ultimately losing business due to outdated infrastructure. Gone are the days of walking through the same door every morning, sitting at the same desk, turning on the same laptop, only to stare are the same background screen! Gone will be the companies that still follow this ethos.

3. Employees who harness change and voice their ideas

How does your organisation capture your feedback and ideas?

If they didn’t before, they have no option to but now. It is the employees, managers, business owners who use this isolation period as an opportunity to plan, promote and voice change, will ultimately thrive.

Tomorrow’s problems will not affect the folks who live in yesterday’s world.

The opportunity present today will not occur in your lifetime again, so make sure you are planning beyond Covid-19 and not for it.

The coming of the Coronavirus has pushed the world into a simulated restart position.

As with any restart, everything must shutdown first, right?

If you’re not careful; if you’re oblivious to what is happening around you, you might lose information and as a result, endure a similar path to pre-restart. When we reload, we’re fresh with new updates, a new home-screen, a faster processing system and no clutter.

Humanity is at the cornerstone of historical advancement, which will result in extraordinary development across industries, lifestyles and trends. For individuals and businesses that dare to create and apply themselves, capitalise on this boon handed down from the Universe.

I fear it won’t come again in this lifetime.

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